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Looking for Teeth Whitening in Kelowna?

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    Kelowna Teeth Whitening


    Make them stand out!

    Looking for Teeth Whitening in Kelowna?

    Leave your information below and we will get back to you soon.

      Professional Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

      At Lakeview Dental, we have mastered the art and science of restoring the natural glow of your teeth.

      Our professional teeth whitening treatment is not just about aesthetic enhancement; they represent a journey to restored confidence and self-esteem.

      Our treatments guarantee a noticeable difference, promising to turn back the clock and erase the impact of age, certain foods, and lifestyle habits.

      Every procedure is conducted under the watchful eye of Dr. Sigel, ensuring not only the return of your pearly white teeth but also the utmost safety and comfort.

      Visit Lakeview Dental for Teeth Whitening

      Dr. Sigel combines his experience, cutting-edge technology, and personalized care to deliver unmatched teeth whitening treatment.

      At Lakeview Dental, each patient is unique, and so is every smile. We don't just restore the white; we rejuvenate your appearance.

      Custom Fitted Take-home Teeth Whitening Trays

      Made In-house, Just for You!

      Experience the combination of convenience and professional care with our custom-fitted, take-home teeth whitening gel trays.

      The custom-fit whitening trays ensure a perfect fit and maximize the whitening effect. Impressions are taken and your customized trays are made in-house and will be ready in one to two days!

      The Teeth Whitening Process

      Once your custom trays are ready, we will complete a final check with you and review the simple instructions on how to use your new trays and whitening solution to whiten your teeth!

      Typically, over the next two weeks, you will be able to enjoy a brighter, beautiful smile!

      Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatment

      Teeth whitening at Lakeview Dental can improve your smile and boost your confidence.

      Our patients often feel more prepared to tackle their day with a renewed sense of self-esteem and a healthier-looking smile.

      A brighter smile can contribute to a more confident lifestyle.

      The Most Common Reasons For Discoloured Teeth

      Every stain has a story. The discolouration of your teeth could be attributed to many factors such as:

      • Foods and beverages like coffee and red wine
      • Smoking
      • Dental hygiene upkeep
      • Accidents

      "The average person's teeth are naturally a shade of light yellow, but with time and the intake of certain foods and drinks, they begin to their yellow teeth darken" (Source: Colgate).

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

      Yes, when conducted by a professional like Dr. Sigel, the teeth whitening process is safe. We use approved whitening agents that are effective yet gentle on your tooth enamel.

      How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

      The longevity of the whitening effect varies, influenced by lifestyle habits, dietary choices, and adherence to post-treatment care. Regular touch-ups enhance the longevity of the results.

      Can I Whiten My Teeth if I Have Fillings or Crowns?

      Teeth whitening does not change the color of fillings or crowns. Dr. Sigel will discuss tailored whitening solution and options to ensure uniform coloration and aesthetics.

      Will teeth whitening damage my tooth enamel?

      A qualified dentist like Dr. Sigel can perform teeth whitening without harming your enamel. Always ask your dentist how to use your whitening trays and bleaching solution safely. If you feel pain or discomfort in your mouth, tell the dentist immediately for assistance, whether it's related to whitening or not.

      Does teeth whitening make teeth more sensitive?

      Teeth whitening can temporarily increase sensitivity. It usually subsides within a few days. Using anti-sensitivity toothpaste before and for two weeks after the treatment can help ease discomfort.

      Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

      Some sensitivity is common, but our customized treatments and use of desensitizers minimize discomfort, ensuring a pleasant experience.

      Should I use other Teeth Whitening Products or Whitening Treatments?

      The market is flooded with a plethora of teeth whitening options, from whitening strips to at-home kits.

      However, for effective and safe results, seeking the expertise of a dental professional like Dr. Sigel is important.

      A study revealed that "over-the-counter bleaching options can bleach teeth, but many of them are too abrasive and can damage the teeth with extended use" (Source: ADA).

      Accepting New Patients

      At our clinic we combine advanced technology, professional expertise, and compassionate care to offer comprehensive oral health solutions.

      We are currently accepting new patients, extending our family of satisfied clients who have experienced transformative cosmetic treatments.

      Meet Our Dentist


      Meet Our Dentist

      Dr. Greg Sigel

      General Dentist & Implantologist

      Welcome to our dental practice! Since beginning my dental journey, I've aimed for a unique practice that truly puts patients first by offering exceptional experience, comprehensive services, and ensuring a bit of fun along the way.

      Trust is paramount in our profession, and to foster that, I've devoted myself to extensive continuing education. This dedication not only broadens my expertise but allows us to provide specialized treatments such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and IV sedation directly in our clinic.

      About Lakeview Dental

      Nestled right in the center of the Lakeview Heights community, our friendly and attentive dental team is always close by, ready to serve you. We're here to ensure you get the best oral care, so you can keep enjoying everything the wonderful Okanagan region has to offer.
      Promoting Healthy Smiles

      Promoting Healthy Smiles

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      Highly-Rated Dental Team

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      Trusted By West Kelowna

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      Success Stories Of Our Valued Patients

      Lakeview Dental
      Based on 42 reviews
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      Ryan WindsorRyan Windsor
      03:07 03 Jul 24
      A huge thank you to Dr Sigel along with his friendly and professional staff for accommodating my dental emergency - a crown that popped out after I ate the yellow starburst that my daughter doesn’t like. The 1st point here: if you have crowns avoid starbursts candy and anything else that the good Dr Greg Sigel says. The 2nd point - if you do eat a starburst and lose a crown, call Lakeview Dental in Westbank ASAP for great service, reasonable rates and a 5 star experience. Thank you everyone for rescuing our family camping trip!
      Daisy CHENDaisy CHEN
      01:51 28 Jun 24
      Lakeview Dental is very kind and warm. Every member of the team genuinely cares about their patients. Dental. Dr. Siegel helps me to remove my wisdom teeth which is really really painful. Thank you to this amazing team! In Mandarin :Really Great! If you come to Kelowna and don’t know which dentist to look for, you must come to this one. The doctors and everyone are very nice and professional. They will explain what you need to pay attention to and the parts that can be treated next. The dental assistant will be very considerate and caring. Every move of the patient, the speed of wisdom tooth extraction is very fast, don’t worry, friends who need wisdom teeth extraction come here, thank you to this great team~
      Erin HallErin Hall
      01:05 22 Jun 24
      Lakeview Dental is a warm and caring environment. Every member of the team genuinely cares about their patients. As a family we are so happy with our switch to Lakeview Dental. Dr. Siegel really changed my smile, such great work and overall experience. Thank you to this top notch team!
      Artie KachuikArtie Kachuik
      05:19 21 Jun 24
      Excellent friendly place and staff.
      Christine WardChristine Ward
      01:31 01 Jun 24
      Very much appreciated accepting me in such short notice. I was very happy to receive such friendly and professional service. Wish I would be staying here long term for I would have found my permanent dental services. Thanks from a greatful Maritimer.
      Kerstin GreavesKerstin Greaves
      23:36 30 May 24
      From start to finish the best dental experience I have ever had! Staff are wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable and listen to your needs/fears. Dr. Sigel is thorough, approachable and communicates clearly and openly. The clinic is bright, clean, modern and I was able to book appointments within a few days! Highly recommend this clinic!
      Cindy L.K.Cindy L.K.
      23:22 28 May 24
      Recently moved to Kelowna. After a lot of research, tried Lakeview Dental. The office is bright and clean. Staff are friendly, patient and gentle. I have bad teeth and visit the dentist more than I would prefer, so I have a lot of anxiety around it. I am very comfortable and satisfied with my experience here. They are very accommodating and have many options and methods to help with my anxiety. I was so pleased I also brought my kids here. My 11 year old said it was the best dentist he's been to so far! (He's been to two others, child and adult dentists). I have recommended this dentist and would continue to recommend.
      Lauren AntypowichLauren Antypowich
      20:01 23 May 24
      I can’t rave about this dental office enough! Everything from the atmosphere, the staff, and the dental work! Dr. Sigel and his team are the best ever! I have dental anxiety, him and all his amazing staff made me feel so calm at every appointment I had! I’ve had cleanings all the way to wisdom teeth removal done in office! They answered all my questions and they are all so kind and supportive! My daughter had her first check up here as well and she can’t wait to come back for another! This has been the best switch I have made! I love that there is someone this amazing on the westside!
      Marjo ThompsonMarjo Thompson
      02:20 15 Mar 24
      Where can I start! I'd been looking for a dentist closer to my home in West Kelowna and Dr. Gregory Sigel was recommended to me as being very personable and attentive, highly educated and very skilled at general dentistry and even surgery and dental implants. I just had two crowns done and I'm so pleased; such care and attention given in the preparation that everything was a PERFECT fit.Looking for a (new) dentist? Visit their website to see if the specialist care you are seeking is available, you'll likely find that it is, all done in-house, brand new office, clean and inviting. I'm very pleased to have found Lakeview Dental Clinic. Everyone has already made me feel like family--Thank you!

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